We came in and blasted through the entire front yard and driveway on this project. The entire original space had to be excavated completely: all the vegetation, lawn, retaining walls, sidewalks & stairs had to go. 

Then we called in a drainage and plumbing company to redo the perimeter drain, as well as replace the water main to allow for new lines and prevent any future issues as the new features were installed by our team. This preliminary work is important on extensive projects like this.

The retaining walls were a combination of different size blocks, which makes for a tricky installation but really adds a lot of beauty and character to the final aesthetic.

The clients wanted to use natural elements into the design. We used five and six foot long basalt stone stair treads to lead through the yard, connecting to paving stone pathways from the front door to the street. This combination of really refined paving stones and the natural stone softens the hard lines which adds for a strong presence and positive final impact. 

The curved front door landing and pathways added a lot of customized cutting but created a cool, natural flow. The garden was bordered in by retaining walls, which is a lovely way to add elevation. The original slope of the lawn was transformed into a multi-layered approach with four different tiers.

Planting was a fun experience. We met the clients at the nursery. We pulled out plants, laid out demo gardens and really enjoyed the whole experience. The nursery can be an overwhelming place for clients, so our zest and laughter while ensuring the right selection of sun worthy and shade healthy plants were all going to fit the final vision. The plants were delivered to the site after the clients made the final approval, and we planted the entire garden with much welcomed ice cream breaks throughout the day!

The only issue or clients have now is the high traffic of neighbours stopping and admiring their new front space!!

– Ajool Adi, Owner Coastal Design Landscaping