Plants & Lighting

Plants + Lighting


Plants, trees and shrubs help create colour and personality in your garden.

Coastal Design Landscaping helps you choose the right plants, trees and shrubbery for your landscape. We offer to meet us at the nursery where we show you the plants and pick what you like.  Setting up mini displays allows you to get a visual of how it will look in your home garden! We then  arrange for delivery of the plants and then do the placement in your garden. For those with a green thumb, you can then plant themselves or have our team come in and do the planting.
We also take the time to teach you how to take care of your new plants.

Many careful considerations are made when selecting plants, such as the amount of shade and sun that is in direct contact with the planting area. We also take care to plant trees and shrubs that cooperate in each season and create year round interest.

There are many options to designing a welcoming landscape. Whether you require a complete remodel or wish to use existing flower beds and layouts, we will work within your budget to achieve your goals.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting adds depth and a dynamic element to your garden and home.

Outdoor lights are a good way to ensure safer walkways and steps around your house. In addition to beauty and style it also creates security and peace of mind for your property.

Lights make your garden come to life at night. There are many styles of lighting fixtures and designs to choose from. We help you choose the right style and luminescence for your space. You will be surprised to see the effect it has on your flowerbeds, rock gardens and water features.

Coastal Design Landscaping brings out the beauty of your outdoor space. The options are as endless as your imagination.


We specialize in helping you enjoy your outdoor space.
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house lit up with picket fence house lit up with picket fence
back patio with wall lighting back patio with wall lighting
arbor with lighting and patio lounge arbor with lighting and patio lounge