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AVAILABLE POSITIONS: Updated September 2022

All of our positions offer Extended Health Benefits, a Lifestyle Wellness Account, Staff Incentives, Personal Development and Skilled Training


The main role of a Foreman is to give direction and communicate back and forth with the team on daily tasks and project goals.  They will also play a key role in the supervision of the development and training of Labourers, Junior Installers, and senior Installers.  The Foreman will directly supervise projects and direct team members towards regularly to discuss the completion and progress of projects as well as their profitability, efficiency and any notable challenges or notes.

Foreman Job Training Program:

Reviewing the plan for a job

Setting up a daily plan for a jobsite

Order Materials and Plan Deliveries

Hours Reporting

Ensuring hours are reported correctly on WorkDo (job site transitions)

Logging Hours onto the Job Activity Sheet

Job Material tracking

Ensure loads in and out are accurately recorded on the Materials In/Out sheet

Turn in receipts regularly to the Administrator

Discuss and execute change orders as necessary

Ensure machine maintenance is completed regularly

Run morning and afternoon strategic and safety staff meetings

Delegate tasks and ensure a smooth and efficient flow of work

Quality control – ensure that the quality of the work performed by yourself as well as all other employees on site meets the company standards set by the company owner.

Fill out daily sheets and forms required by the company owner

Communicate with the client and the employees politely and with respect.

Do your best to find solutions for any problem that may arise on the jobsite

Be in charge of reminding everyone on the jobsite of their safety responsibilities.

Site Cleanliness



Setting grades for pavers/patios and retaining walls

Machine Maintenance

Machine Use

Ditch Witch

Chainsaw and Masonry saw

Sod site prep

Electrical Wood tools

Installer Job Training Program

Machine Use

Skid steer


Laser Level


Setting rails


Cutting pavers

Set Heights and Levels

Retaining Walls

Setting Heights

Laying base course and wall to completion

Read Elevations and plan proper drainage

Other Trainings

Understand plans and drawing to scale.

Fully understand all aspects of Landscape Installations.

Being able to multitask and make decisions and solve problems if Forman is not on site.

Learn everything a Forman must do and Observe.




Sod installation

Polymeric Sand


Retaining wall back filling

Digging and hauling


Requirements for all positions

Job Qualifications:  What you must have to qualify for all positions

Positive attitude with a solutions oriented mindset because that’s how we roll!

Ability to repeatedly lift and carry up to 50 lbs per day

Ability to work in the elements for long periods of time

Basic knowledge of handheld construction tools and small power tools (drills, saw etc.)

Must own steel-toed boots and bring to site each day

Must be coachable, follow SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures), collaborate and work efficiently towards a team goal

Have pace and accuracy


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