Garden walkways

Walkways & Paths


Front & Backyard Landscaping

We will create safe and attractive stone steps, walkways and paths that resemble true nature.
These walking features are truly an essential in every garden. Walkways and paths bring about an organic flow to your landscape, with paths on a slop, or steps that slightly curve, or pebbles to guide your way.

Aside from being totally functional, it’s a beautiful way to bridge one part of your garden with another.

When you hire Coastal Design Landscaping practical considerations are carefully considered. Materials strongly affect the character of a path. An example is gravel which makes a pleasant crunching sound when walked on and also blends into both natural and formal settings.  We will suggest suitable types of surfaces for your path or walkway that are attractive, practical and cost effective.

Types of stone used in paths & walkways:

  • Concrete slabs
  • Flagstone
  • Basalt

We specialize in helping you enjoy your outdoor space.
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