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Garden Ponds

A garden pond creates the marvel of water in your garden.

A garden pond can be made with natural stones to resemble a quiet spring with running water. It may also be a larger more structured looking pond surrounded by harmonizing plants and flowers.

Since ponds are created ground level, they naturally attract birds, butterflies and frogs and provide an area to grow aquatic plants.

Coastal Design Landscaping Team will surround your pond's edge with a variety of colours and sizes of pebbles and rocks to blend in with the natural surroundings.

Pondless Water Features

Pondless water features bring the effects of trickling water to your landscape.

Contrary to the name, a pondless water feature does actually have water. The water trickles through rocks and gravel to a concealed water pump. This type of water feature is ideal for people with small outdoor living spaces and in environments where child safety is an issue.

Coastal Design will build a beautiful and tranquil pondless water feature for your garden or outdoor space.

Garden Creeks

The beautiful feature of a garden creek for your yard is not only a unique and lively one, it can also help facilitate drainage in your yard.

Let Coastal Design Landscaping help locate the perfect spot for your garden creek, where the water will flow best and the natural beauty of your garden will come alive.

Contact Us today - we will help you determine the most suitable water feature for your environment.

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